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Our Mission

The Dawn Review is an international literary magazine founded in the summer of 2022 by poet Ziyi Yan. We publish three issues annually, featuring poetry, prose, art, and hybrid submissions from emerging and established writers and artists. We nominate work for the Pushcart Prizes and Best of the Net.

We believe that creative expression is powerful because it allows us to create beauty, meaning, and understanding. Even so, we know how difficult it is to feel heard and to find a community of people who share our passions. This is why we are dedicated to supporting every writer and artist by providing free and detailed feedback for all submissions and working closely with contributors throughout the editorial process.

Our inaugural issue features chapbook authors alongside high schoolers and people who have never been published before. In our blog, we reflect on the what it means to a writer– we also have interviews and book reviews in the works! Recently, we launched the Dawn Prize for Poetry, a poetry contest for emerging writers. Through all of our initiatives, we seek to empower contributors to find their unique voice in the writing community. 

Dawn is about renewal. It is about the erasure of boundaries. We want to amplify a diverse range of perspectives and showcase work that transcends genre. We love work that shows us the truth by refracting it. We crave voices that carve out a path forward. Regardless of who you are or what your background is, we encourage you to submit!   

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