Image by Jakob Owens

Submissions are closed! Submissions for our second issue will open on 12/15 

Our submission guidelines are below.

We accept poetry,  prose, short play, hybrid, and art submissions. To submit, please send an email to with the header, "Writer name/pen name- Genre- ‘Title of piece 1,’ ‘Title of piece 2,’ ‘Title of piece 3.’”  If you would like feedback on a submission, please type the word “feedback” in parentheses after the title of the piece.  


In the body of your email, please write a short, third person biography. Please attach your writing beneath the email in a single pdf. Please attach each piece of art individually beneath the email in png or jpg format. If you are submitting in multiple genres, please send a separate email for each genre.

For poetry, please submit up to 5 poems of no more than 200 lines each per reading period. For prose, short plays, and hybrid pieces, please submit up to 3 pieces of no more than 5,000 words each per reading period. For art, please submit up to 10 pieces per reading period.

Please do not send us work that contains excessively vulgar content or excessive gore. Also, please do not send us work that promotes discrimination, drug use, or self harm. We welcome pieces that deal with difficult subjects, but please make sure your message is not hurtful. We will not give feedback on work that violates our guidelines. 

We accept pieces that have been published elsewhere. If a piece has been previously published, please tell us in the body of your email so we can give credit to the initial place of publication.


We accept simultaneous submissions. If your piece is accepted elsewhere, please email us so we can give due credit to the initial place of publication.

If your piece has not been previously published, The Dawn Review receives first electronic serial rights upon publication. If your piece has been previously published elsewhere, The Dawn Review receives nonexclusive online reprint rights upon publication.