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Natalie Eleanor Patterson


I live       a passenger

in a time of omens 


Turkey vulture                bald

eagle     barrel-brown falcon

tearing                a fresh line of darkness

in the star-slid sky


First the feather                       then

the blood like lace           edging

the farmer’s field


Dead deer          gutted by carrion 

rot      thunderhead          bright

slash in the jagged highway

Hand in my mouth           like a bite block 


I live          a smattering

of stars in the torn-up map


Sudden rain       sudden light-

headedness        my bruised chest

not a symptom but a sign:



a gasp of red-

tailed hawks       the steady

circling               the angling


Natalie Eleanor Patterson is a poet, editor, and instructor from Atlanta, Georgia with a BA from Salem College. She is the author of the chapbook Plainhollow (dancing girl press, 2022) and the editor of Dream of the River (Jacar Press, 2021), and has work featured or forthcoming in Sinister Wisdom, Hunger Mountain, CALYX, and elsewhere. She received awards in poetry from Salem College as well as Best of the Net and Pushcart Prize nominations. She is Managing Editor of Jacar Press, an editor for One magazine, and a reader for the Julie Suk Award. She is an MFA candidate in poetry at Oregon State University, where she serves as poetry editor of 45th Parallel and teaches creative writing.

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