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Kendall Cooper


we can live here—  

                                                                                             we can live in this space: basil and underbelly 

                                                                                             of iron bones. we can choke 

into lush and green daughters, 

grow where there are only things we trust: 

                                                                                             trimmed mouths, wilting bodies, wondering 

                                                                                             if there is enough vacancy here—brimming 

prescriptions of breath while we 

exist as softly as possible. 

                                                                                              i told you—your life clinging to a trellis 

                                                                                             —that we are destined 

to become only 

spice and calamity. i hope 

                                                                                             we are someone’s 

                                                                                             fleeting taste of forgiveness

Kendall Cooper is a high school senior based in Houston, Texas. She is an alumna of the Kenyon Young Writers Workshop and is a 2022 Adroit Journal Mentee. Kendall has won numerous Scholastic Awards for her poetry and was a semi-finalist for Houston Youth Poet Laureate. Currently, she works as a literary apprentice for Breakbread Magazine.

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