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Naomi Carr


you blessed blank 
canvases with the green 
Serenity of landscapes, but barricaded bedroom doors by him spoiled 
undried paintings. 

I asked you to 
purify me as St. Catherine, to paint me as 
Judith. Judith knows 
of vengeance. Vengeance knows the taste of 
blood. I know you 
crave metallic affection. 

you Temptress. You 
Thing. You 
Threat. You 
Woman in Tassi’s 
world, you asked for it 
We asked for it 
I ask for it. 

when I came to 
You, bleary-eyed, 
Teary-eyed, unable 
To speak, you 
Said, babe, 
This is how feminist 
art was invented. 

So I ask you 
to show me the beauty 
of pain.

Naomi Carr is an emerging writer from San Francisco. Though she experiments in many genres, she has found a home in creative nonfiction. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Blue Marble Review, Apprentice Writer, Ice Lolly Review, and Paper Crane Journal, among others. When she isn't writing, Naomi enjoys long walks through parks and reading essay collections. 

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