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Willow Kang


In a technicolor cotton tunnel of dreams,
I am a changeling & you, an orphan,

kicking feet in the sky’s laughing face
I drop you off in front of an apartment,

swaddled with wispy threads of starstuff:
celestial, but still tenacious, mapping out

the topography of my palettes
below a traitorous sky

releasing downpours on your funfair trips,
but balmy afternoons while you toil,
out of sight

Yet each night, you jump over the hedgerows,
lighting beacons for me to return home

Willow is a writer from Singapore. After school, you can find her reading thick history textbooks, aimlessly writing poems, and solving frustrating math problems, in a futile attempt to conquer boredom. Just make sure that her coffee cup stays full. You can find Willow on Instagram @oldmanheart

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