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Emily Moon


My womb 

                         had four walls 

with a view 

                            of the moon. 

My urges  

                            tend toward  

clear nights, 

                         the Milky Way 

spread across 

                                  the floor  

of the sky from 

                         Hera's aching 

breast. I keen 

                        for Cassiopeia, 

whose eyes shine 

                             bright as fir  

trees in spring. 

                                 Her chair 

spins above: 

                         now it's an M, 

now a W. 

                        Eos and I howl 

toward the arc 

                             of day. Her 

children vanish 

                             as she rises. 

I'm drawn 

                             by the siren 

song of crows 

                        crowding bare 

trees. I take 

                           this as a sign 

I have arrived.

Emily Moon (she/her) is a queer transgender poet from Portland, Ore. She is author of "It’s Just You & Me, Miss Moon" and Editor at First Matter Press. Her work includes appearances in or forthcoming from Pile Press, Boats Against the Current, Banyan Review, Culinary Origami, Roi Fainéant Literary Press, [in her space] Journal, and elsewhere. You can find her on Instagram @emilymoonpoet. Her link tree can be found at

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