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Olúwábùkúnmi Awóṣùsì


i once opened my palm and enveloped my prayers to God on a teary ride / praying
that a day will come when i will no longer derive joy in singing dirges and writing
sad poems / perhaps he listens, i don't know / but a black bird chipped past and i
interpreted it to be God repelling my presence / i swear, i didn't make this up /
where i come from / the flapping wings of the bird after a prayer is a sign of
reverberated prayers coming back to you unanswered. / this night, i clutched my
chest and held it in pretentious death / recited a dirge / & watched as the evening
unfolds to morning / they say the eyes are portals to the soul / so i shut them / and
imagined myself instead / flying on the wings of a Dragon / into the badlands / &
mesmerized by the air of where grieves do not reside / a pterodactyl flew past / i

Olúwábùkúnmi Awóùsì is a UX Designer and Writer. His works have featured on different magazines including Àtẹ́lwọ́ magazine, Door is A Jar, ARTmosterrific, Odd Magazine, Analogies and Allegories, Winnow magazine, Orange Blossom Review, and others. He is currently a student of history, focusing on African History.

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